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Welcome! TraderDNA offers performance analysis and journaling software that helps active futures traders analyze, keep track of, and improve their performance in the markets.

TraderDNA requires realtime fill data in order to provide timely and meaningful feedback regarding your trading behavior.  To ensure successful collection of fill data, please complete the questionnaire below.   For those traders that use a trading platform that requires a CQG login please provide your CQG username where requested.  

Upon receipt of the form we will forward instructions for you to create a TraderDNA username and password.  Additionally we provide instructions to present to your broker to enable realtime collection of fill data.  Should you have any questions you are welcome to call us at the number presented above.  

Do you know the Shape of the Trade?
TraderDNA 14 day trial includes:
- Autotrade logging
- Shape of Trade Analysis
- Trade Metrics


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